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Static websites, microsites

Static website - without content management system - best suited for sites that will not require much updating in the future. Static designs are a cost-effective option for companies that need:

  • basic corporate website,
  • landing page,
  • single product site,
  • seasonal promotion / event page,
  • microsite,

This option has graphics elements, animations, usability and functionality at the same level as our other projects but static websites do not include a content management system. In the static web pages to make changes it is required to have knowledge of xhtml and CSS or optionally to use professional help with web maintenance »

Top benefits:

  • usability and functionality,
  • unique graphic design,
  • SEO friendly website,
  • lower cost of development,


dedicated CMSAn alternative to static web pages are websites with a content management system where you will be able to modify the content on your own.





"Direct meetings with webSylium people made us sure about our decision to let them design our website. The men were essentially prepared and their ideas were fresh and catchy."

~ Jarosław Tomczak ~

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