LAN network design

We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions covering all stages of design and implementation of LAN local area networks (wired and wireless), VPN-based wide area networks (WAN) and integrated network services.

Stages of logical networks deployment:

  • Detailed analysis of requirements - in relation to the adopted technological and economic assumptions, taking into account the existing ICT network.
  • Execution of a professional ICT network project - including elements of: computer network, telephone network, Internet access, selection of workstations, servers and other peripheral devices. The project is built in accordance with the latest standards, taking into account as a transmission medium, depending on your needs, either copper cable (so-called twisted-pair) or single-mode or multimode optical fiber. We pay special attention to the security, reliability and functionality of the designed or upgraded ICT network.
  • Dobór optymalnych urządzeń i technologii sieciowych - do realizacji projektu zapewniamy niezbędny sprzęt sieciowy, routery, modemy, switche, sprzętowe firewalle.
  • Network infrastructure construction and configuration
    • installation of complete structured cabling and assembly of distribution cabinets with passive elements, i.e. network sockets, masking strips, etc.,
    • configuration of network devices, i.e. router, firewall, switch, Wi-Fi access points
    • server configuration and implementation of network services (firewall, WWW, email, FTP),
    • Integration of LAN networks with the infrastructure of other networks (WAN, VPN).
  • Creating network security and network management strategies.
  • Testing, optimization and documentation of network design - using a network analyzer, we carry out detailed tests to verify the correct operation of the ICT network and detect the location of possible cabling damage. The measurement results are included in the network design documentation, which allows for efficient maintenance and management.
  • Administration and service support - we guarantee constant supervision over network security and also offer service that is the basis for the reliability of its operation.

Design and implementation of LAN networks

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