Advertising in the Google search engine

Google Ads™ (formerly Adwords) is the most popular and effective paid search advertising system.

Advertising in the Google search engine allows you to quickly and effectively promote a website or online store to a wide group of potential customers interested in specific products or services.

The company defines the planned budget for the campaign and the costs of the campaign are determined by the CPC indicator.

Running an Ads campaign on your own seems easy, nevertheless, the fluctuating rates per click, the constant activities of competitors also using the Ads&trade system; make it worth entrusting the running of an Ads&trade campaign; to specialists.

For the effects of organic positioning you have to wait even a few weeks, while Google Ads display immediately therefore it is the fastest way to promote a business in the search engine.

Our company offers comprehensive and effective running of a Google advertising campaign Ads™, including:

  • setting up, configuring and integrating an AdWords account™ with other services,
  • preparation of effective advertising content,
  • analysis of the quality and effectiveness of the campaign,
  • campaign optimization, striving to reduce click rates, increasing conversions
  • continuous monitoring of statistics and reporting of effects,

Costs of running a campaign Google Ads™ We determine individually, depending on the planned monthly budget of the campaign, its objectives and the needs of the client.

Effective Google Ads (formerly Adwords) campaigns

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