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Today you need something more than a website, it is important if your website or online store gets high position in Google search results. And in practice only the first 10 results counts.

If your website or online store is not on the first page of search results - you lose potential customers. Even if your offer is the best on the market, not optimized website for search engines, constructed incompatible with the W3C standards, or that contains incorrect content can lower your position in search results.

How to improve your position? - Our implementations are made in compliance with W3C standards and SEO methods, which provide an excellent base for further positioning.

An alternative to positioning in organic search results is advertising on Google AdWords™ - the most popular and most effective system of paid advertising PPC (Pay per Click).

Advertising on the Google search engine allows you to promote quickly and effectively a web page or an online store for a wide audience of potential customers.

We offer a comprehensive and effective management of AdWords™ advertising campaign, including among others:

  • setting up and configuring your AdWords™,
  • preparation of an effective ad content,
  • analysis of the quality and effectiveness of ads,
  • optimizing campaigns and efforts to reduce rates for clicks,
  • constant monitoring of campaign statistics,

The costs of management of Google AdWords™ campaigns are estimated individually, depending on the planned campaign monthly budget and your needs.

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"Thanks to creating and implementing WWW in accordance with mandatory SEO standards, our new website reaches a high results in searching key words interesting for us without extra costs on positioning the website."

~ Wioletta Cieślukowska ~

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