IT audits

Reliable and comprehensive evaluation of the information system

Performing an audit allows for a planned and more efficient use of company funds for the ongoing administration and development of the IT system. The main focus is on existing security and the degree of optimization of existing resources.

Offered audits types:

  • Hardware audit - allows you to efficiently administer the computer system, and additionally has a significant impact on the degree of detection of anomalies in the configuration of individual computers. Additionally, it allows you to verify the ability to run individual applications on selected computer hardware.
  • Software legality audit - allows you to clearly determine what type of software was installed and how it was acquired and distributed within the company. An additional aspect is the search for undesirable applications, i.e. those whose use has no connection with the nature of the work performed. Quite often, there is a situation in which some of the best-equipped computers in the company are actually used as an entertainment tool, not as a work tool.
  • Security audit of stored information - analyzes the type of data stored on workstations, as there are often situations in which the stored information violates the personal rights of third parties or violates the law copyright.
  • SEO audit - analysis of the website/portal/online store in terms of adapting its structure to proper operation with Google and Bing search engines. We will analyze its position in search results. A comprehensive SEO audit includes the analysis of, among others, explicit content, keywords, meta data, links, website statistics and the effectiveness of AdWords campaigns. The final SEO audit report contains analysis results and proposals for optimizing structure and content in order to obtain better search results in Google and Bing.

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