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Due to our wsCMS (webSylium Content Management System) you will be able to update your own website without affecting the source code - without knowledge of XHTML or other programming languages.

The greatest advantage of our wsCMS is clear with an intuitive interface and a great performance system. In addition to all deployments, we tailor our wsCMS to your individual needs and requirements.

CMS websites are an ideal solution for companies that want to minimize the costs of a website administration and for those who want to make changes on website by themselves.

Key features of our wsCMS

  • Modularity - you don't have to use the whole package - you can choose the modules you actually need.
  • Safety and accessibility 24 hours a day - you can manage your website anytime and from anywhere over the Internet.
  • Content management w/o professional knowledge - content in the wsCMS is edited using a visual editor WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) - so you just need to know the basics of text editors like MS Word or OpenOffice.
  • Centralized multimedia files management - you can upload and manage files, images, documents etc. in an easy way.
  • Multi-language front-end and back-end - we can prepare for you any language you need on the public side of a website and also in the administrative panel.
  • Search Engine Optimization - all of our works are made according to SEO methods, to get your website positioned easier.
  • Valid with W3C standards - wsCMS was developed in accordance with current Internet standards and is supported in the same way by all popular browsers.

Examples of modules and functions

  • Articles and Pages - this is a basic module of content management system for self editing content of articles.
  • News - a module for publishing the latest information on the page in the form of an introductory text with a link to the full text of news.
  • Galleries - an easy tool to publish photos in an effective way.
  • Newsletter - few clicks and all of your subscribers got an e-mail from you.
  • Products catalogue - the best way to present your products in a form of a categorized tree (optionally with shopping cart features).
  • Search - a helpful tool for quick access to articles or products.
  • Banners - a module allowing you to manage banner ads, and the rotation frequency of viewing.
  • Custom main menu - a tool helpful to manage the main menu page.
  • RSS - publishing content via RSS feeds.
  • Uploads - a basic module that allows you to upload files easily to the server (with automatic generation of thumbnails for an image), and delete files from the server.
  • and much more ... specialized modules and features written especially for you ...

If you haven't found in the above list the ones you are looking for - remember that this is just a short list of what we have - our team will design and create for you features according to your requirements and needs.

Custom CMS websites

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If you are interested in collaboration please do not hesitate to contact us. We will present you a detailed offer with the price and schedule needed to finish the project.

Benefits of wsCMS websites

  • simplicity and flexibility of content management
  • dynamic and search engine friendly content
  • safety and accessibility
  • easy extension with new functionality
  • unlimited time and territory license - no periodic fees!
  • and much more...


"The implemented content management system wsCMS works perfectly as a self-dependent, efficient and intuitive tool for introducing changes on our website."

~ Anna Bogusławska-Wilczyńska ~

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