Consulting and training

Successful IT deployments and IT training bring tangible results and benefits to a given company, allowing it to significantly improve its business processes.

IT consulting - reduces the cost of implementing and maintaining IT solutions in the company, as well as influences the improvement of information flow processes and the speed of decision-making.

We advise solutions that not only generate lower costs both by using solutions appropriate to your needs, but have a significant impact on the efficiency of business management.

IT Training - provide an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the company's operations by training employees in the use of new technologies and information techniques in the company. An employee who uses the available tools effectively and is aware of their capabilities will improve the operation of your company.

Our offer includes:

  • Advice on the purchase of IT hardware and software that meets both functional and financial requirements.
  • Assistance in the selection of an IT system provider and support in negotiations with the selected contractor.
  • Advice on the day-to-day operation of the IT infrastructure.
  • Supervision of ongoing implementations and post-implementation support (continuous development work).
  • Advice and training on the protection and security of stored data (development of IT security policies, secure remote working and data encryption).
  • Continuous operations to improve the reliability of the existing information system.
  • Training of employees in your chosen range of information technology topics.

Wisdom and experience we are pleased to share!

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