wsStore e-commerce software

wsStore - is our own online store software, which we adapt to the functional and graphic requirements of the Customer.

Key features of the wsStore

  • Modular design - the design of the application allows you to choose the modules that will actually apply to your e-commerce business. It is possible to modify existing modules and expand the entire system with new functions according to customer requirements.
  • Modern, individual layout and graphic design created exclusively for the needs of a given order.
  • Responsiveness since 2014, all our implementations have been adapted to be operated on mobile devices, thanks to which we increase customer convenience and sales conversion.
  • Security and availability 24/7 - the online store is managed using an extensive administration panel available 24/7 from anywhere on the Internet.
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies - the public part of the online store can be available to customers in any number of languages and currencies with an automatically converted exchange rate.
  • SEO optimization - the online store meets all SEO rules, thanks to which our clients achieve high results in search engines without incurring additional positioning costs.
  • Compliance with W3C standards - the system was created in accordance with applicable Internet standards and is operated in the same way by all popular web browsers.

Selected software implementations wsStore

  • - largest HVAC industry store in Poland with approximately 30,000 products.
  • - a module for the sale of licenses, e-books and the paper version of HairTrends magazine

Selected modules and features of the store

Below are selected sample modules of the online stores and product catalogs implemented by our team, which in each project are customized to meet the needs of the client or written from scratch if the specification requires it.

  • Products catalog - its the basic functionality of any store, allowing (unlimited) categorization of the offer including promotions, special offers and novelties.
  • Order cart - is a basic tool in an online store through which customers of the store can place orders or inquiries.
  • Product finder - this is a helpful tool on the public side of the application that allows customers to quickly access the products they are looking for.
  • Orders - the module allows you to manage orders in the store, automatically notifying the owner of new orders and customers of changes in the status of their orders.
  • Customers - this is a powerful module for managing both retail and wholesale customers with an optional multi-step registration process.
  • Customer panel with order history - this is a module that allows customers to manage their own account in the store and view the status and history of orders.
  • Opinions and reviews - a tool for expressing opinions about products (a module with an option to moderate / remove opinions that violate the rules of the store).
  • Discount groups - is a tool for simple and fast management of discounts for selected customers.
  • Loyalty program - this is a module that allows you to reward regular customers.
  • Shipping and payment - is a tool that allows customers to choose the type of shipment and form of payment.
  • and many other ... specialized modules written to specific order...

If you didn't find the modules/features you are looking for in the above list - remember, this is just a short list of wsStore system features - we don't work in templates and will implement any features according to your requirements.

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If you are looking for a dedicated online store contractor contact us. Our team will give you a free estimate of the initial cost and turnaround time.

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