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wsStore - it is our own online shopping cart systems that we will adapt to all your functional requirements, needs and graphics tastes.

Key features of wsStore

  • Modularity - you don't have to use the whole package - you can choose the modules you actually need.
  • Safety and accessibility 24 hours a dayę - you can manage your website anytime and from anywhere over the Internet
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies - the public part of the store can be available to customers in any number of languages and currencies with automatically recalculated rates.
  • Search Engine Optimization - all of our works are made according to SEO methods, to get your website positioned easier.
  • Valid with W3C standards - wsStore was developed in accordance with current Internet standards and is supported in the same way by all popular browsers.

Examples of modules

Here are selected examples of modules implemented by our team for online stores.

  • Products - products catalogue allows (unlimited) offers categorization including promotions, special offers and news.
  • Shopping cart - is a basic online store so that shop customers can place orders or inquiries.
  • Search - a helpful tool for quick access to necessary products.
  • Orders - an order management module allows e.g. a store owner to have automatic notification of new orders and customers to change their orders statues.
  • Customers - a comprehensive customer management module both for retailers and wholesalers.
  • Enhanced customer panel - allows customers to manage their own accounts in the shop and view the status and order history.
  • Ratings and Reviews - a tool for expressing opinions about the products (the module with the option of moderating / deleting the opinion which violate regulations of the shop).
  • Group discounts - is a tool for quick and easy management of discounts for selected customers.
  • Loyalty program - a module for rewarding loyal customers.
  • Shipping and payments - choose the way of delivery and a payment method for example PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers) or cash on delivery.
  • and much more ... - specialized modules and features written especially for you ...

If you haven't found in the above list the ones you are looking for - remember that this is just a short list of what we have - our team will design and create for you features according to your requirements and needs.

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"A newsletter application included in the wsCMS system lets us inform registered patients about interesting campaigns taken place in our institution."

~ Wioletta Cieślukowska ~

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