Content management system wsCMS

wsCMS (webSylium Content Management System) - is our own and original content management system that allows you to easily and independently update the website content without requiring specialist knowledge.

Key features of the wsCMS system

  • Modular structure - it is possible to select only modules that will actually be used. It is possible to modify existing modules and expand the entire system with new modules in accordance with the customer's requirements.
  • Security and availability 24 hours a day - content is managed using a specially prepared administration panel available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world, only for authorized users after authentication in the system . All you need is an internet connection and a browser.
  • Content management that does not require specialized knowledge - content in the wsCMS system is edited using a visual WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor ) equipped with standard text formatting tools known from popular text editors.
  • Centralized management of multimedia resources - all multimedia resources (graphic objects, sounds, video files, etc.) available in the system are managed from the application level.
  • Import of content from external programs - the system allows correct import of content from external text editors.
  • Multilingual front-end and administration panel - the public part of the website integrated with wsCMS and the system administration panel are adapted to multilingual operation, which allows you to immediately change the working language to one from the implemented languages selected by the client.
  • SEO optimization - the public part of the application meets all SEO rules, thanks to which customers achieve high results in search engines without incurring additional positioning costs.
  • Compliance with W3C standards - the wsCMS system was created in accordance with applicable Internet standards and is operated in the same way by all popular web browsers.

Example modules and functions

Below is a selection of exemplary content management system modules, which are customized for the client in each project or written from scratch if the project requires it.

  • Articles - this is a basic module of the content management system that allows independent editing of the content of uncategorized subpages or categorized subpages in the form of a tree of nested articles, along with automatic generation of navigation within the structure.
  • News - This is a module designed to publish the latest information on the site in the form of introductory text with a link to the full content of the news.
  • Galleries - A simple and intuitive tool used to publish in an impressive way photo galleries on the site with the possibility of categorizing them.
  • Newsletter - This is a module that allows sending mass mailings to subscribers.
  • Product catalogue - is a module that presents the company's product offerings with arbitrarily deep nesting of categories, optionally with the possibility of making inquiries in the form of an order basket.
  • Search engine - is a helpful tool that allows Internet users to quickly access the information they are looking for on the site or search for products in the catalog.
  • Banners - This is a module that allows you to manage banner ads, the frequency and rotation of their display.
  • Menu structure - is a tool that allows you to manage the main menu of the site.
  • RSS feeds - is a tool that allows you to publish content via RSS feeds.
  • Uploads - is a basic module that allows you to easily upload files to the server (with automatic thumbnail generation in the case of image files) and delete files from the server.
  • and many others ... specialized modules written on a specific order specifically for your ...

If you have not found the modules/functions you are looking for - write to us and we will implement in your project any functions according to your requirements.

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